October 5th, 2009

amsterdam sorted!


I didn't go into this the other day cause I didn't want to hurt Bel (even though I did inadvertently!) but the hoist thing was causing undue irritation! We couldn't find someone to rent us a hoist because the beds in the hotel touch the floor, and the company who makes our hoist which goes overhead have gone bust. so the nazis at Easyjet were being pains about us taking our own hoist. It's worth £2.5K, ridiculously heavy, and they were being arses about us having that (which is in two parts and therefore would have been our baggage allowance) as well as the wheelchair in the hold. they also wanted a doctor's note (costing £35) to be able to take it or they would charge us more for our own luggage. Also using our own hoist meant we were having trouble getting taxis big enough for both ian and the hoist, which would have meant me driving us to the airport, and then getting long term parking. ALSO ALSO the airport were saying that they couldn't guarantee anyone would help me with the luggage which would have meant me taking ian in, then going back and getting the hoist in two trips (it's bloody heavy).

Today I phoned a lovely woman who suggested just buying cone raisers for the beds in amsterdam. this means we can rent an underbed hoist for £50 for 3 nights, which is delivered to the hotel. then i just take these 4 cone things, which are small and can go in hand luggage, which means we only have one bag (a rucksack) which means the taxi thing is sorted, AND i can carry our stuff as i push ian meaning we only have to make one trip everywhere!!

I hope that explains why i was getting fucking irritated the other day - it's not amsterdam 'the trip', it's amsterdam 'the getting there from england' which was being a fuckwit.

College is still a pain in the arse on mondays. Our tutor comes in, tells us what to do, and then buggers off for 2 hours. Then he comes back and says it's home time. is this normal??? even for an art course it seems odd. another girl is REALLY fucking me off today. if she isn't told what to do, she just sits still doing nothing. today in 2 hours she drew a table and coloured the legs in red. most people at least finished one complete mixed media piece.

p.s i'm photographing all my cards, so please see these albums on facebook as a virtual card shop if you will.