September 27th, 2009

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I am no good at telling people I don't like their art. I have such a burning desire to please and be pleasing. Is it ok to just ignore someone asking what you think of their stuff? I respect all art, but really, if I can't find anything nice to say, I tend not to say anything - which doesn't work in crits.

Also we mentioned The Wet Spot yesterday at lunch and now Matt and Tanya are thinking about going next month after having dinner out - is it normal to feel like I don't want them to go? I know it's not OUR thing, but I just feel like they'd be like the people who I was moaning about last weekend (people who aren't into the vintage thing, and who probably just think it's like a lapdancing club), so of course I feel guilty for being horrible.

Today is a day of inner reflection and criticism - I should write this down more for therapy