September 22nd, 2009

college etc

Look, I've got my laptop back. I need to at some point catch up on here, or my autobiography will have lots missing. Here is what I need to catch up on, for my reference

CBT sessions
Wet Spot

I also need to book a haircut and some card parties and CLEAN THE HOUSE

In a nutshell, college is pretty good, except for most of the other students. No one is under 19, so I thought they might be more into it. But we got given homework last week, and only myself and another girl did it (a portrait of another student). I must admit to being made up, as he held it up, said it was fabulous, and the girl who it was a depiction of loved it. Anyway, it's hard not to feel like a total geek - even though I've been hiding the fact I'm so obsessed with art I finish my homework the same day it's given, I still seem like the biggest swot on the course, purely because I do what has been asked.

The other girl who did her homework is called Crystal - she's nice enough, we haven't really chatted too much, but I gave her a lift, and she makes me laugh (she's also asking me on facebook a lot what the homework is. I get the feeling I'm the only person listening somehow...) My favourite by a mile is AM (Anne-marie) - I spotted her on the first day cause she had red hair, geeky glasses, tattoos and a big red bow around her neck - in a nutshell she reminded me of Margi (originalenid )

Only one girl is annoying me to distraction. She's full of self-importance because she runs some sort of online clothing thing, and she's been on a fashion course and, in her words, 'is going backwards in my education as I can't draw'. I took offence IMMEDIATELY at this, because for me this course is a step FORWARD because I'm going out of the house. She said something like 'unfortunately even though I can make clothes, I need to be able to draw purely so I can pass my fashion illustration part of the course. Like drawing is something she can just pick up and pass the course quickly. She's one of those people who asks EVERY DAY what time we're finishing, and then has her bag on her shoulder ready to go at that time - do you know what I mean?

She also never fucking listens to the tutor; I love the drawing tutor, Val, because he gives you something to do, and lets you get on with it. I realise some people want more direction, which is a shame for them, but there's a difference between listening and THEN needing help, and needing help BECAUSE you haven't listened. EG I don't mind helping AM when she asks, because her background is floristry and so she's a bit less sure about drawing. I don't want you to think I'm being a bitch and just keeping myself to myself. I'M OBVIOUSLY SHARING WHATEVER KNOWLEGDE VAL SEEMS TO THINKS I HAVE. I also seem to be the only person to realise that if you don't have liquid soap or a towel in the dispensers near the sink, you can ask someone to refill it, or that the cupboard under the sink opens to reveal glass jars to put water/ink/glue in, rather than using the mugs which are draining on the sink after having coffee washed out of them, which year 2 will then not be able to use for more coffee later on. And I'm the only one who takes scissors and glue with me.

Anyway, enough whinging. there's lots of good stuff. There's a library full of books about art, as I mentioned before, where I can bring up to 12 books home, and every time I go there I see Claudia. There's a cupboard full of art supplies, where I found charcoal and ink and oil pastels, and best of all that stuff they use to put plaster casts on your limbs. I stuck it on paper with pva glue and it makes amazing shapes. I can't wait to start moulding it for a project. Finally, I get told what it is I need to draw - I flourish when I'm given something to draw/paint, as it's like a challenge, and also I don't need to make any decisions.