August 30th, 2009

Common misconceptions meme, nicked from Mango

 I'm going to update on Friday later, but for now, and before I forget, here are some common misconceptions about me

1. I like watching live music on TV - I really don't. It doesn't sound like music to me

2. I don't like driving - I love driving at night, just not during the day as I get information overload. God forbid it's raining and there are lots of cars on the road.

3. I like going to festivals - too many people, can't see the bands

4. I don't like dogs - I like them once I get to know them. Just like people.

5. I like everyone - if you've been with me when I don't like someone, you'll know it. I can't hide it at all. We talked about this in therapy, but if I don't like someone, they basically become invisible. That's why you need never worry about whether I like you, cause if I speak to you, it means I do.

6. I'm confident - people online know I'm not, but people in real life seem to think I'm confident enough to stand up and give speeches and stuff. No.

7. I'm tidy - everything has a place, but it's not tidy. There is a broken printer in our living room which has been there at least a week. It's pushed against the wall so I don't notice it.