August 24th, 2009

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 I just realised something. I don't know why it took so long.

I hated my job because it was like working for Dad.

1. Nothing was ever good enough for either of them
2. There's always something you can be doing when you're around them, or you're lazy and wasting time
3. Whatever is wrong with me, they've both always had the same thing, only worse
4. They both asked me if I was cured after 2 weeks of taking medication
5. Neither of them contact me as they don't know what to say - in the case of Dad, I ring him, but I haven't contacted Huw for a long time.
6. Nothing is ever their fault, it's always someone else's

I feel really good for realising this. There's no wonder that job was bad for my health.

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 My god, I've just scanned in Ian's latest paintings, and they're fucking amazing. Jesus, my husband is so talented. He's sending some paintings to the Mouth and Foot painting association to see if they might want to use them on cards etc. I can't see why they wouldn't.

You'll all have to wait to see his latest stuff though, cause it's the Christmas cards, and he doesn't want the surprise ruining.

Create and Craft

I'm such a geek. I had my email read out on Create and Craft today. And then we videoed it on the digital camera.  I sent in an email saying the cats on the card kits reminded me of Holly, and then I sent in a photo of said pudding. They read both out, and Ian and I couldn't have been happier. Such simple pleasures

Here's a still

But if you want to watch it, I'm just uploading clips on flickr.