August 15th, 2009

cashback site/survey/mystery shopping earnings for june/july

Just in case you're interested, or to see what you're missing

Free Snacks - bag of cadbury mini bars
Fat Cheese - £66.91
Quidco - £23.23
All other cashback sites -  £79.67 (totals were all less than £10)

Lightspeed - £8.00
All other survey sites - £11.10 (totals all less than £3)

Gapbuster - £24.35
eDigital - £120

plus things to test at home
2 packs of stain remover

Not bad for two months. Although I should point out I won't get any of that validated until October, so some of it might not end up being my money.
If anyone wants any links, just let me know


It's the sort-of-annual party chez Pesky. We've got more children coming that adults, so I've put out all the toys, some books, and I've washed out the big plastic box to fill with water, although I don't think we'll need it if it ends up raining as I suspect.

Holly knows something is going on, and has already hidden herself inside the suitcase on top of my wardrobe. I've got photos of her, but I wish I'd managed to get a video of her climbing up there. I watched her this morning clambering up the metal drawers. She's surprisingly agile for a dumpling.

This isn't going to be the best party ever. But I've done this on purpose. Not everything I do has to be the best thing in the world, it can just be a nice party with friends. RELAXING. Not stressful. No.

I do need to go out and buy some cake or something though, because a party isn't a party without some cake. The new M&S food store has opened near Ikea, so I sense a first visit up there. I just hope they have a truly ridiculous party cake I can surprise Ian with. He's been astonishingly patient all week, so he deserves a laugh. Maybe something shaped like a pirate ship?

I feel better for yesterday. Talking it through and having someone else tell me that's it's not ridiculous to have something which happened when I was 16 have such a bearing on my life now, and someone else to tell me that any sort of mental cruelty is awful, even if it doesn't seem as bad as what other people go through, was very free-ing. It also meant I slept very soundly from 9pm (Ian could barely wake me at midnight to turn his light off and take his glasses off).