August 10th, 2009

failed ice cream

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I'm running out of meds, and Boots didn't answer their phone for repeat prescriptions until Friday, so I'm eking out the pills I have. I know this isn't a good idea, but at least I'm getting some meds.

Ian was up all night with a urine infection. He was shaking, clammy, sweating, as usual, but then he started shaking and jiggling, and it was really painful. Then when he started vomiting, we were both panicking. Neither of us got a good night's sleep, but at least I got some.

Today the doctor came out and gave him antibiotics (which Ian had already started taking as we have a secret supply from another doctor who understood the need to start taking them as soon as Ian's sure it's an infection) - he still can't keep any water down, and when I asked him what he really wanted and I'd go and get it, he said 'A big glass of squash with loads of ice' and stuck out his bottom lip. Bless him.

It meant I got a lot of cleaning done today though, and organised my papers by colour/pattern. What sort of geek am I?