July 27th, 2009

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The thing I love (apart from Nine Lives) most about 'Who Wants to be a Superhero' are the bits in 'the lair' where the children are talking to the camera and each other. It's like children's big brother, which I would watch, although I fear it's probably child neglect/abuse and a bit weird. I just like hearing what they say to each other. 

I'm not sure there should ever be a superhero with a South-west accent, because whatever Pink Puffle Girl says I can't help but chuckle. Steel Soldier has made Flying Feather cry this morning AGAIN because they don't get on and have to work together.

If they taught every child in the UK what it means to be a superhero, the UK would be a better place. They get taught it's more important to help people than to want to be famous, and to work as a team instead of going for individual glory. 

'I'm not sure why she thinks tickling the world will help' - Sam and Mark are also underrated television presenters.


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 I'm putting my meds back up again. I don't think the lower dose is suiting me at the minute, as I'm having trouble getting my brain to shut up, and having trouble getting out of bed again (ie I can't do EVERYTHING so i might as well not do anything) This should be ok as the doctor doesn't know i lowered them anyway, and it was only for 2 weeks (as opposed to 16 weeks at the higher dose before that)

also I hadn't mentioned that Joel, my one year old nephew, has got swine flu. He had to go to the doctor as his temperature was 99.7 degrees, and they couldn't get it down even with calpol. This is why we didn't go to birmingham this weekend, which was sad :(

We got a parking ticket in town for forgetting to change the clock on the disabled badge. fucking jobsworths.
p.s. have a cartoon of the Conchords I did Bret and Jemaine