July 21st, 2009

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I've been watching Create and Craft every morning over breakfast. It actually boosts my confidence, because all the cards they demonstrate aren't as good as mine. I can't bear the over-embellished nature of their stuff, and the fact they don't seem to have any idea about the golden mean/ratio*, or how everything looks better in odd numbers.

* If you're not an artist or haven't heard me talking about the golden mean, we probably haven't spent any time together drawing/designing stuff. I'm obsessed with the golden mean after doing A level. It's basically making sure stuff is slightly off-centre, but it's more mathematic than that. The golden ratio is 1.618, but it's easier if you just imagine everything is 13 wide/high, then you need to place the focal point at 5/8 (unless you're trying to get a focal point in the absolute centre). Pierro Della Francesca's Baptism of Christ is the most perfect example of this

I specialised in the Renaissance at school, so my art is more mathematical than it appears.

God I'm an arrogant art bore