July 15th, 2009

Photo update - cats, food, paintings

Thank you all for your kind texts etc yesterday. I've come to the conclusion that it was a mixture of nerves (sickness and diarrhea) giving up smoking (sore throat and coughing) withdrawal from venlafaxine (fatigue) and sciatica (aching legs) - obviously I'm not the fittest person in the world at the moment, and I'm probably more of a hypochondriac than I care to admit, but those symptoms all added up to the NHS direct website telling me I might have swine flu. When I called them, and they knew I was withdrawing from stuff, they said it was unlikely to be swine flu.

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This Fat Girl Has Style

 No, not me. Obviously, as I'm wearing my ridiculous red vest top today, purely because I want to show my hairdresser my tattoo later on. NO, the fat girl with style is lullula and she's started a new blog. There's a syndicated feed on live journal, mainly because I can't bear to not have syndicated feeds or nothing gets read - tfghs 

I agree with everything she's said so far - mainly New Look is better than Evans, the Beth Ditto range isn't that great, Irregular Choice shoes look nice but are flimsy, and most vitally this whole post - http://syndicated.livejournal.com/tfghs/1103.html

In related news - these are the shoes I've been wearing that I can finally walk in. They're Vivo Barefoot shoes from terra Plana, and are like wearing nothing on my feet at all, which is always my favourite way to be if possible. They were 'bloody expensive' to quote Ian, but even he's had to admit they've made a huge difference

So much so, I have two pairs now, and nothing else.

These are my slightly smarter/warm weather shoes, and the ankle straps come out, so i often slip them on around the house.

ETA - I haven't taken a full length photo for ages. so here's one. WIWT and all that
tfghk 003 tfghk2