July 14th, 2009

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I'm putting my meds down. The doctor wanted to do it last time anyway, and I said no, so I think it's ok to do it now, yes? it's been a month, and i keep forgetting to take the second one anyway.

I have an interview to do volunteer work at the library. It's an hour every 3 weeks, but obviously I'll tell the DWP. I start at the museum next week as well, so I wanted to wait and tell them about both after I've confirmed today. I have to take a photo for my ID card, so I'm sure they're not going to turn round and say no after asking me to take a photo with me.

I'm nervous though. I haven't needed to fill in my CBT sheet as I haven't felt like panicky or anxious since Friday, just ill on Sunday. This is very good, but I only just realised. The carpet was fitted yesterday, and I didn't freak out about all the stuff being everywhere, and I stopped myself hoovering up the little bits of carpet last night. I fell asleep in the armchair instead.

In other news, I'd forgotten about these pictures I did whilst waiting for Ian on Saturday. (Oh hang on, I was nervous and close to tears on Saturday and didn't fill out a sheet. Bollocks. ) Anyway, I won't show them here, cause I'm giving them to people. So that was pointless.