July 9th, 2009

failed ice cream


My credit card is being investigated for fraud after i found 3 unauthorised transactions totally £50 this morning

I must have put my card number into something dodgy somewhere along the line

fuck it


Ok, so I've looked into it and I can see what's happened.

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to make my google adverts better, so I searched for 'Adwords advice' and looked at a few sites. There was a woman called Mary Steadman, who was talking about how to make your google adverts work for you. I was happy to pay 99c for some advice, cause Adwords can be a fucking nightmare. I paid it through my credit card (*ding ding*) and she sent information. It wasn't much help, but I did learn about Affiliate Futures from it, which has so far been useful (although now I'm worrying that's a fucking scam as well).

So apparently, this is actually a scam called 'Google Money Profits' - loads of people are being duped because they want to make easy money, which is why I'm all the more annoyed cause I was duped and all I wanted was fucking advice.

ITHIS IS A LESSON LEARNED IN READING FINE PRINT CAREFULLY - usually I scan read the whole lot, look at anything which looks like a figure (ie I'd have seen $49.99) and check there's nothing too dodgy, I'm sure lots of people do this, yes? Make me feel better, people....

In this case,it's written in tiny light grey print that this is a free 7 day trial, and if you don't cancel, you get charged per month for the service at a rate of $50. The actual wording is full of double negatives ('If you don't not wish to continue, you need do nothing"), and it stated the figure IN WORDS (ie forty nine dollars ninety nine cents)

I'm intelligent, I know about stuff online. I've been duped. Loads of other people have been duped online by this scam since January.


In slightly related news, here's my latest selling post if you want a book, painting, shoes etc - i know some of you aren't on TSUK and sometimes like my stuff