July 8th, 2009

How I've been saving money this morning - grocery shopping

Ok, so I was up at 5am and I had time to do this, but I saved over £30 on Ocado today with a combination of offers - they were all on Martin Lewis' website, so if you're not on there already, then here's how I did it

1. Register with Top Cashback

Join Top Cashback here

2. Register THROUGH THEM with My Supermarket - you get £4 for doing this when you make your first shop

This is the link for joining

TOTAL - £4

3. Go to My Supermarket and choose to shop at Ocado - if you haven't already registered, it will give you a link later on. If you are already registered REGISTER AGAIN with a different name at the same address.

This is the link to Ocado on My Supermarket

If you haven't used my Supermarket, it's really easy. It shows you at the top how your basket compares with other delivery services. Don't worry if your basket is more expensive at the moment - just use all the 'swap and save' options, and make the basket as cheap as you can, as long as it's at least £60. If it's less than £100, that's fine, but to maximise your savings just choose something else you usually buy anyway to make it up to £100. 

TOTAL - £14.70 (I saved £10.70 using swap and save, and Ocado was the cheapest anyway

4. Register with iPoints if you haven't already - you get 100 points just for joining, and then get 1 point for each £1 spent through My Supermarket. Obviously this continues each time you use MSM in future, so it's worth doing anyway.

Link to register with iPoints - just change Ian's email address to yours, I couldn't work out how else to do it

TOTAL - £15.70

5. Log into iPoints on My Supermarket - you get 1 point for each pound you spend (I think it's a maximum of 80, as mine topped out there). Check the bonus iPoints section to get more if there is anything you usually buy.

TOTAL - £26.50

6. Checkout through My Supermarket - this is the bit where you can register with Ocado if you haven't already, and it will let you choose delivery time. Some slots are free, so choose one of them if possible. It will put all your items into the Ocado basket and you checkout through Ocado

7. When checking out use voucher code 'VOU5979278'. This is why i suggested a £100 spend, as the voucher saves you 15% on your first order, up to a maximum of £15. 

TOTAL - £31.50 saved

So I spent £109 altogether for a fortnights shopping, and I have enough cat food to last a good long while because I used a good offer on cat food to make my total over £100, whilst saving money on something I have to buy anyway. Score.

Of course if you don't usually use online grocery shopping, you also save time, petrol money, and exasperation by having it delivered to the house.

Madeleine and Joel

just a quick boast about my beautiful neice
spoke to her on the phone last night, and we had a conversation along these lines

me - "so what have you been reading?"
maddie - "last night i read 'The Magic Finger' and another book called (unintelligible muffled book name which even after asking twice i couldn't get, and she was getting frustrated with me so i stopped asking), but i couldn't finish the last because it was bedtime"
me - "Oh i remember that book. did you like it?"
maddie - "yes, it was good, i'm going to read it again tonight"
me - "you must have enjoyed it. what have you been doing at school?"
maddie - "I went to my new class, and they showed me some books i might be reading next year, but i could read them all, so they had to tell someone. not the headmaster, someone else. so i'm not sure what i'm reading next year now"
me - "well they probably don't want you to get bored, they'll be making sure you have something good to read"
maddie - "I hope so"

So then I asked nicola about this, and apparently her reading age is so high, they had to tell the deputy head as the books she's meant to be able to read after next year she can already read. I also asked if she really read 'the magic Finger' or just looked at the pictures. Apparently Maddie was complaining because Nicola wants to read all the Roald Dahl books with her so they can enjoy them together, and maddie wanted to read them alone. So on Monday, she went and bought 3 books from smiths (3 for 2 offer) so Maddie could read them alone. Monday night she went upstairs to have a bath at 9.30pm and maddie's light was still on and she'd finished 2 of them and was halfway through the third. In the morning, Nicola asked what the books were about and she had obviously read them properly. she checked with the teacher that maddie hadn't been tired, and had a chat with maddie about getting to sleep on time. She's obviously going to be like Elliot and I, cause we don't sleep much, whereas Nicola is usually asleep by about 9pm (and that's being kind, bless her).

Then while I talked to nicola, i heard maddie shouting in the background at Joel asking him to get off something, and Nicola asked what was wrong. She said "I can't do my work because joel is stealing my pens!" I asked Nicola what she meant, and she explained that Maddie was sitting at her little desk 'doing' her Charlie and Lola magazine, which she refers to as her work.

Can I just remind anyone that doesn't know already that my neice is FIVE. She's never been pushed to read, but she is surrounded by books in their house, because both Elliot and Nicola read all the time. I'm also sure Maddie gets the 'work' thing from Nicola doing her PhD in the house and being asked not to disturb her while she's working. She's also not big-headed about it at all, even though sometimes it sounds like she is. She knows she can read better than other kids her own age, but she says things like 'I like reading and (a friend) likes (some activity) more than me' - it's well founded confidence and knowledge of her own shortcomings. 

Of course, she can be bossy, and fussy about her things, but most of the Smiths are. Joel is in that stage where now he can walk and reach things he's just tipping everything out on the floor. Of course Maddie did this too, but it was 4 years ago, a lifetime to her, so she's just getting frustrated as she likes her things in a particular way - not an obsessive way, just because they used to have a tiny house, so she had to be tidy, or there wouldn't be any space to do anything.

Anyway, enough waxing lyrical. But they are both lovely. I can't wait for joel to say more stuff; when children are about 2-6 they're at their absolute best.