June 26th, 2009

cashback sites

Because of my OCD, if I see a cashback site I'm not a member of, I have to join it. Things is there are loads of the damn things. So I'm now a member of 56 of them, as well as all the survey sites and mystery shopping sites.

If you like these sort of things, leave me your email address and the names of the cashback sites you're already in, and if there are any you aren't a member of, I'll refer you. Some of the ones I've found will give you money if you're referred, as well as giving money to the person doing the referring.

Also, if anyone wants to get sent 'paid to read' emails, which don't pay much, but need no effort whatsoever, leave me your address for that too, and i'll invite you. 

CBT today - was very straining. I need to write up properly about it, but I'm too exhausted.