June 20th, 2009

Money Saving

I've been on the Martin Lewis money saving expert site for the last few days, getting advice on benefits and employment. HOWEVER, I've also entered loads of free competitions and requested lots of freebies. I know I'm late to this, but there must be other people out there without jobs who need money who might be able to spend the time so a. they don't get bored, and b. get free things in the post and c. maybe win something/earn some money. I know littleminds has often posted about how she earns money, but not everyone has her on their friend list, so I'm sharing the things I've found the best.


I joined Fat Cheese on Thursday, and have earned £15 without spending any money. I've joined iPoints before, and Quidco, but never really made anything.

Fat Cheese pays you to search through their sponsors instead of google, and you get cashback for signing up with partner offers etc. If you're on the Money Saving Expert forum, you'll know about it anyway - the best thing is every time you spend on Amazon (and other sites obviously, but I've never seen amazon elsewhere) you earn 5% cashback!

If you want to join, then click on this link - Join Fat Cheese here - obviously that's my referral link, so I won't lie, I get some money every time someone joins up. It doesn't cost you anything though, so help a girl out!


I love getting random things in the post, so hopefully something will happen with these. I got 5 pieces of fabric the other day, which wil be perfect to make a momiji style picture for Bel out of.


if i can't afford a MacBook, I'm going to bloody win one. I'm entering anything and everything at the minute, because someone has to win. I haven't received much spam, but gmail sticks it all in my spam box anyway. There's lots of advice on how to stop spam calls and junk mail, and I haven't had any nuisance phone calls or emails which I wouldn't normally get


if you don't already belong to survey sites, they are actually sometimes worth it. This one in particular earns points, which you can convert to paypal funds. I earn £3 through this since Thursday, just by answering the surveys. It's not huge amounts, but it's all money


Just a bit of fun, but you can earn points as well. Basically you choose 10 grids of numbers a day. To validate the entry, you just click on a link. You don't have to do anything after that. If your numbers come up, you win points, redeemable for stuff like DVDs - you need a lot of points, but I've got 170 in 2 days. I can't redeem them for anything, not even a calendar yet, but it takes about 5 minutes a day, and it's free gambling.