June 15th, 2009

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being slightly less of a whinger today. thanks for your comments last night. i was going to reply to them all but realised i'd just be saying the same thing

"i know it's the job market really, i'm being a whiner - but what a stupid time to pack my job in"

I've been applying for volunteer work with children and in the arts, as well as at st gemma's hospice - so fingers crossed, if i do enough volunteering and craft fairs i'll feel useful in some way. if i can get a couple of days doing art groups with the elderly/kids/autistic teenagers etc i might get enough experience to be considered for a job.

i think half the trouble is my applications all show a 7 month gap where i was working but signed off sick, and then i'm now looking for a job while i'm waiting to study. it's not an ideal situation. i don't even know if i'm entitled to JSA or not, as i am looking for work, and able to work etc, but i just gave up a job, and ian's trust fund rears its ugly head all the time.

i'd rather just stack shelves for an evening a week and not have to bother the DWP