June 12th, 2009

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Claudia's Family

This is what Clouds and me were working on yesterday.

I just wrote a big entry about me being a perfectionist, but letting Clouds help me put the shopping away. Even I can't be arsed typing it all again.

crafty ladies post mortem

Well, the meet-up was a success! 3 people came, and we didn't do any craft - awesome!

It was nice to meet rebecca_star  who texted me and told me she had a good time too. clouds01 came as well, and as she shoved lemons through my car window (long story) told me she enjoyed meeting rebecca too, so if everyone liked everyone else, that's a success right?

as i say, didn't do any craft, but we did discuss my new children's book idea, which got the thumbs up from Clouds, and a contribution from Rebecca. we stayed for 2 hours, and no one else came, so we decided not to stay until 3. sorry if anyone came after we left, which i doubt.

HAVE I MENTIONED MY CBT STARTS NEXT FRIDAY YET? no i didn't think i had. well it does. i remembered today when i was at the health centre.