June 5th, 2009


I finally went to Oblong today (Prescription Art aka Art For Mentals) after lunch with the Cake. I parked up, started walking to her GP, told someone he was going in the wrong direction for the hospice, realised I was walking the wrong way, tried to find the man I told to turn round as felt responsible, then realised I was actually trying to find Cakey.

We then ate 'The best fish and ships in Leeds' - and they've won awards too, it's not just hearsay - in a completely empty fish restaurant which was bizarre but nice. I like it when other people carry sketchbooks too, and you can look at each others'.

Then we went to Oblong. I met Lucy, and she had me in stitches. I rarely meet people who have brains which run off at such tangents as me (Cakey is one) - I don't know how the conversation started, but any conversation about conjoined mixed race twins who are both racist against the other race must have quite a strange jumping off point.

Me and Cakey drew each other. she just looked like Jemaine when i drew her, but she can actually draw for realz so the ones of me were good. I've been trying to think of a story for this children's book I'm going to write and illustrate, so while i drew her she told me a story about a piece of grass which lives in a volcano.

The best conversation was about how cannibals realise they like the taste of human flesh. Lucy suggested they go to buffets and get served small portions of flesh (I suggested 'finger food') and so we discussed what it would be like if a cannibal cooked you some human and you didn't like it because it wasn't free range, too salty etc. Until a man said it was turning his stomach and could we discuss something else.

I'm going back on Wednesday evening. I asked Duncan if i could volunteer, and he listed off things I could help out with, including an art class for autistic teenagers. This is exactly the sort of thing I wanted to do!