June 2nd, 2009

Raffle result



what painting are you after my love?

everyone who entered is going to get something in the post anyway, it just won't be a painting :)

Thank you to everyone who donated (all 8 of you)


For my records:

Today I went to a temping agency and registered. I did 75 words a minute typing, at an accuracy of 98% - apparently this is good enough that she's going to think of me next time someone wants to dump a load of typing on someone and leave them to get on with it.

I also lowered my dosage (on doc's orders) to 2 75mg tabs a day. I can tell, because when the lady from parcelforce just rang, I had a go at her* and i remembered i hadn't taken my second dose yet.

I also went into work. YES WORK. I stayed for 3 hours as well. I probably managed it because my boss wasn't there, but i could see they were coping without me, so no guilt for finally deciding to leave. i told them all i wasn't coming back.

It also seems I may have accidently emailed my entire googlemail contacts list (250 people) and invited them to Qype. This was an accident. I'm v v sorry.

* although I still think it IS A BLOODY CHEEK. I complained, and they sent me a partial refund. Then i got another for the same amount. I thought 'oh it must be a clerical error i'll return it' - then today this woman rang about it. Instead of saying 'oh we made a mistake, sorry, we'll be cancelling the cheque' she said 'i've been doing my end of month accounts, and i'm £13.50 down, so it must be your cheque so you need to send it back' - I just thought that was a rude way to go about it. So i said 'that's a bit cheeky' and she said, 'well it's our mistake, but you weren't supposed to get a total refund, just half, so we need it back'. I was pretty astounded at the way she was asking, so i said 'i would have sent it back if you hadn't asked but now i'm cashing it' and hung up. This was probably not reasonable, but i was affronted. don't worry, she rang straight back and told me it had been cancelled.