May 29th, 2009

Life's Big Canvas plans and update

1. the raffle is still ongoing. Nearly £30 for MIND now! -

2. I sold a painting on Etsy last weekend! It was only a dollar but never mind - - i don't know if that will work, but i can't work out how else to show you

3. The blog is still going well. I've been putting sketches and stuff on there, and trying to 'promote'. It's hard work though, because every time I post and don't get comments, I feel weird, but I know it's good for my mental health -

4. I have two craft fairs coming up, one end of June, one mid July. You can see details on the facebook page if you don't already have it on your list -

5. I've clearly made too much stuff, and if I don't thin it out I'm going to end up taking too much, so I've listed EVERYTHING on eBay to see if anything sells, and if not, at least I know not to bother with eBay -

6. I haven't managed to go to any shops yet. I'm scared of the knockbacks. Still someone got in touch with me through eBay asking if I wanted to stock my paintings there on a sale or return basis, so maybe something will come of that?

7. Finally Big Paw Gifts haven't sold any of my paintings yet. The two which they sold were to themselves and a family member. It's disappointing, but he's stocking different animals now which gives us both more scope -

8. The meet-up is still happening on 12th June - not loads of attendees, but maybe it'll become a regular thing? I hope so, because it's had a lot of people saying they wish they could come but they're at work, so I might do an evening one -

9. I also signed up to an extras agency at *some* point in the past couple of months. They were asking for magazine stories, so I contacted them; they emailed today asking for story details, and I hadn't really decided which story to tell. So i decided on a 'triumph over adversity' thing and told them about Ian and me. Don't know if it'll happen yet, but if it does, at least I'll have some money to put towards a MacBook.

And now to blow your mind, I'm going to leave this with just 9 things.

It's been a good day

1. I cleaned out the shed, which is ENORMOUS without all the wood Keith hoarded in it. There are just two boxes left in there, which seem to be structurally vital to the shed and won't come out, and the barbecue, which Claudia is having. I toyed with the idea of making it into a 'working studio' like Tracey Savage has in Hornsea, and having my paintings hanging in it, and cards on the shelves to sell. But then Ian pointed out that there is a hole in the roof, and many snails living in it.

2. I repainted the table and 4 chairs, and the sun lounger, in red cedar stain. This took all day because it was so bloody hot, I kept having to stop every 30 minutes (and watch The IT Crowd on the laptop, which I missed on TV but is actually really brilliant)

3. When I just came inside, there was a message from a recruitment agency offering me a place on their books. Hurrah! Perhaps I'll get some work!

4. Then I came online, to three exciting emails. Permit me to use sub-categories

a. I've sold a painting on Etsy (Tiddles in the Blossom) for $30
b. Another temping agency is offering me a place on their books
c. The interviewing man is very interested in our story and is ringing me on Monday

5. My boss hasn't replied to my email yet though. And I know he's back from his holiday, so I'm trying not to let my 'brain-voice' take hold