May 19th, 2009

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I am pissed off
Not for any reason, I think I'm just withdrawing from the medication
I'm trying to stay in touch with everyone, to keep myself sane

Saw Jo today with little Gracie on her ridiculous tricycle, which was awesome
Haircut tonight - I'm trying to grow it out still, I want bunches again. That'll look good with my new orange coat :)
Pathways tomorrow to see if I can get a job, then we're off to Pete's with a sausage casserole
Psychological assessment on thursday to FINALLY get the counselling which every single health professional I've seen since 1994 says I need, and yet I've never managed to get it and keep it
Maximo Park friday - i'm very excited about seeing Paul Smith jumping in the air in reinforced trousers

So basically there's stuff to be positive about.

Oh by the way, the manager of the mental health team called me yesterday to speak to me about my complaint. She was brilliant, and said she was sorry about the problems I'd had, and my feedback was useful for them. She said she thought I needed therapy from what she'd heard from everyone in her team, and hoped we could finally get it sorted out. The team has already changed slightly after my complaint, so that was excellent to hear. It's going to change more in the future as well; when Kim was on holiday there wasn't adequate staffing to cover my crisis call, but they're merging with 2 other teams so there should always be someone on call, no matter who is on holiday. This isn't because of me, but it's really good to know, as I'd hate someone else to get the inadequate handling I did.

I'm not so pissed off now.

crafty meet-up in Birstall

Ok so i had my hair cut tonight, and was talking to Vic about my plan to have an evening where she cuts people's hair. She has a friend who also does home spray tans! So we decided that on June 12th, she's going to come along and see if anyone from the crafty meet-up wants to have their haircut by her when she next comes to cut mine and claudia's hair - she can do a consultation at starbucks to save time on the night.

So even if you're not crafty and just want to come and chat and have a coffee, please come along. There's 4 confirmed guests, and only one from leeds so far.

p.s. i feel much better now