May 15th, 2009


Just for my records, I lowered my dosage today, on orders from Dr A of course. 2 weeks of 150mg in the morning, and 75mg in the evening. I'm getting headaches from withdrawal this evening, and I already know I'm probably not going to sleep very well. The universal panacea* will be on standby however, so I think I'll be ok

I don't care if I get diagnosed with OCD or not because I know I have it. Having a diagnosis won't make any difference to anything except I'll be able to say 'I have OCD' with slightly more conviction. No one knows my brain like I do. And yeah, sometimes I get cloudy, or I get sidetracked with fanciful notions. But ....... I'm not sure what the point I was trying to make there because I got sidetracked by looking at the telly and saying 'THAT'S where I know sarah silverman from!' and then going gooey at how cute Tiddles is, and then singing along to Joe Jackson.

I keep remembering things at the minute too. Like, when I was at school I wanted to be a graphic designer (as well as a fashion designer). I'm really looking forward to starting the course so i can do better, neater, drawings with the computer. I'd really like to design a character range, you know like Paperchase, just to see if I could do it. I've had a go at painting, designing cards, printing t-shirts, photography... why not try something else?

Graphic design people - what's a good starting programme? I have a cheap tablet which I managed to not sell, so I'll try and draw using that. It won't do any harm to get a head start before September.

My favourite thing at the moment

The ceiling mural of McFaul Studio, NYC

if you like their stuff too, i added a syndicated feed - mcfaul_studio 

* 3 things which never fail to make me feel better if I'm poorly, or put me to sleep if I'm wide awake - 1. honey sandwich, 2. hot chocolate, 3. listening to something on my iPod which I'm currently obsessed with (at the minute it's Ladyhawke... yes, still)