May 8th, 2009


I got a reply to my complaint letter, after 6 weeks of waiting. I am more and more dumbfounded each time I deal with this.

I can't even start talking about the content of the letter as I had a slightly hellish doctor's appointment, where the one person who usually understands me didn't listen to me properly today when I talked about OCD as he hasn't heard of Purely Obsessional OCD (Oh yes, anyone who isn't on the other filter, this is what I think I have at the moment, but let's not get into that as well) and therefore had no idea what I was on about. I've got my mental health assessment after my holiday, so I'll talk to a menal health expert about it instead.

Anyway, here's my response to their response which might give some insight into why I'm annoyed

"I received your letter today, and am still unhappy with the response. It states that Ms A has tried to contact me to arrange a meeting. This is untrue. I talked this through with Dr P on Friday, who had been told by Ms H that I 'had declined' an appointment to meet with them. I declined one meeting, with E, my new CPN. If this was supposed to be with Ms H and not E, then I was not told, or I would have said a definite yes. If however, as seems from the response letter, that I was meant to be contacting them, no one sent a letter or telephoned me asking me to contact someone. How am I supposed to contact someone without knowing I am supposed to be contacting them?
I have other concerns in the reply to my complaint, but mainly it seems to me that they are covering up their mistakes by claiming they acted to protocol, or that they do not remember saying or doing the things they did. I have clear recollections of all  my meetings with the secondary care service as I have an online journal which I update daily, and I used this for writing my complaint so I could remember the timeline and what happened without getting in a mess.
I still feel I am being fobbed off, particularly in light of the whole question of whether I declined a meeting (as one person says) or didn't contact them to arrange a meeting (as another person says) and I would like this matter to be continued. I have outstanding concerns so I will be sending a letter to both the ombudsman and the ICAS when I return from my holiday next week, but in the meantime, I would be grateful to receive some feedback from Ms H on what the situation is regarding our meeting.

I am thankful to yourself for investigating the matter, and feel my complaint has been dealt with properly by the PCT. I understand that mental health care is severely underfunded, which is why I intend to write to my MP about this matter also. If funding isn't good enough, something needs to be done about it, preferably before it is too late to help someone who is in as bad a condition as I was and doesn't have the social support and amazing spouse I am lucky enough to  have.
Yours faithfully
Chloe McGenn"
NB I used the real names, obviously, I just edited them out on here.

Burlesque dancer

Serina Del Fuego

I worked up one of the sketches into this painting. I'm pretty pleased with it, but annoyed with the face. That's the 6th face she's had in total. And i'm still not 100% happy.