May 1st, 2009


Signed off. No clinical signs of bipolar according to psychiatrist. She's concerned about my dosage and seems to think that might be causing highs and crashes.

What annoyed me was that my complaint is in my file along with a note saying the manager contacted me for a meeting and I declined. I got teary and belligerent and stated that no one has tried to contact me as if they had I would have said YES. I also asked her to put in my file that I hadn't been contacted as otherwise it makes me look less pro-active. I reassured her I have no problem with her or my gp just with kim and the scouse bloke.

To be continued...

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can anyone knit/crochet me a cloche hat in exchange for a painting?? i know it's a bit specific, but we watched Changeling yesterday and now all i want is a cloche hat, and i have no money - just lots and lots of paintings

looking for something like this

but without a flower.