April 29th, 2009

New website development

So, I've been working hard today on a website. People keep telling me I'll get nowhere without promoting myself. I don't really know what else I can do, as I'm on just about every site imaginable, and I don't see why I should have to hang about on Etsy forums talking to people.

http://www.lifesbigcanvas.co.uk  - it will be this eventually


Can you let me know what you think it might need? Like a proper constructive criticism? What's missing? Are the adverts too noticeable? I can pay for the site, but I'll only pay for it if you think it's worth it.


Dr Sketchy's was ace. Well worth the money and loads of fun. I won a competition so I get in free with a guest next time. Who's coming then?

I did the best background apparently. She sat in a pose which reminded me of a French cafe so because I thought everyone would do that I did a private investigators office. Turns out everyone else drew, you know, the background which was there, so I won. For originality one assumes.

Photos are going on facebook apparently including one of me gurning next to the gorgeous Serina who was modelling. It was fantastic drawing her because she had a great figure.

I gave out cola bottles because it seemed rude not to when me and Clouds were eating them. Two men looked very bewildered as they'd clearly never heard of them. One man tried them, the other one wasn't adventurous enough.

Quote of the day: ok so I had a gun and was waving it around it didn't mean I was going to shoot anyone - a woman in her 50s in the job office