April 27th, 2009


Today I have been pro-active, and in the process wore myself out so much I slept for 4 hours this afternoon

1. I got all my parcels ready from my eBay sales over the weekend, and a few TSUK ones.
2. Hung up the washing which was dry from yesterday, and cleaned the kitchen up a bit
3. Wrote a covering letter and CV suitable for random retail jobs. I then sent out 16 to various book, art and craft stores in the area (and Evans)
4. Rang the Job Centre about handing my notice in, benefits and so on - they were no help really, so I'm going to wait until I go to Pathways on Wednesday (it's a careers advice place aimed at people with mental health problems). It's good experience telephoning people though, as I do tend to keep away from the phone
5. Made an appointment with the GP for 2 weeks time
6. Rang the art gallery to see if I can volunteer at their children's sessions - they gave me an email address to send a CV to.
7. Prepared my action plan as the next bit of my CBT workbook - my goal is to go into the surgery, so I've split it into small steps.
8. Also prepared my 'experiment' to test my new 'balanced thought' that it's alright to not be the best at everything all the time.

That's 8 things, so I'm leaving it at 8 instead of making it 10. It's all good practice for not being mental.

So tomorrow it's my Self-help Initiatives Project (SHIP) meeting, in which I see if group therapy would be any use for me, or if I should try a confidence boosting course