April 23rd, 2009

help out The Fire Fund set up by Claire, and help a little girl get her room back!

I'm selling card packs here, not only to help myself, but also to help claire raise money - see here for details of the devastating fire in her neighbourhood so you can see why I'm trying to help out - of course, you can just contact Claire if you're moved enough to want to help out without buying anything, I just thought I'd try and do something so I don't feel useless.

For every card pack sold, I'll donate 10% to Claire - the rest will go towards my next tattoo, which I've got booked in :)

Each photo shows how many cards in the pack, how much they should have cost, and the new price. On all card packs, you save at least 70p on normal prices, and at least 40p will go to the fire fund. They're all sealed, so even I can't remember what's in them, but they are no duplicates in each pack, and some are themed to help you out.

Postage is free on my personal journal, but if you could send personal payments that'd be great, as it means I have more to donate. Thanks

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Also doing the same deal on my paintings - have a look at my flickr set for everything still for sale. Just ask the price, but they're mostly £10 (apart from the smaller ones, which are £5 and the bigger ones which I'll quote for) and again 10% will go to Claire

Click here for my paintings

running total, mainly for me - £4.20 (£2.20 SENT)

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it's a good job i'm meeting Julian from Next Step tomorrow. I have no idea how to find a job any more.

also if you missed my earlier post, please have a look. i'm trying to help Claire, and I've only sold one set of cards