April 11th, 2009

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After a discussion with her parents about how Madeleine is going up into the older class because she's reading at a 7 year old level, and also how much she enjoys drawing.

Me - is there anything you can't do, Maddie?
Maddie - no

You've got to love this girl's confidence.

I promised her last night that today we'd paint together using the shiny paints after she saw the octopus painting. I'm going to paint a dog, and she's going to paint 'me and auntie Chloe'

Joel also very cute. He smiles just about all the time and we have just about exactly the same haircut. Other than that Maddie is so bossy she does monopolise the conversation slightly.

Bossy and confident - perhaps. But that does her a misjustice as it makes her sound less warm and kind and adorable than she is. Right now I can hear her comforting Joel because he's crying. She's asking him if he wants this toy or that, and saying 'oh dear little Joely'. Last night after tea elliot and I cleaned up, Nicola bathed Joel, so madeleine read to ian. It was so cute when she was showing him the pictures I tried to take candid shots with the zoom but they saw the flash going off.

Tropical world today - will be taking photographs and sketching the animals with any luck.