April 8th, 2009

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yesterday evening, i decided the best thing that i did yesterday was going into the garden when i got angry. So i decided to eat my breakfast sitting on the grass at 6am (i always wake up at 5am)

I woke up at 5am, and couldn't lift my head, so i went back to sleep. My sinuses seem to have gotten full of crap. so finally at 9.30 Ian woke me up again, and it was TOO WINDY to sit outside. Gah

Then I decided to use my WH Smiths 20% off voucher and finally get a moleskine notebook. Not only didn't they have a red one, the voucher can't be used until monday, and i got the same woman AGAIN who i shouted at about my cardboard not arriving to make my portfolio, and who also moved me along when i lay down on the floor in the art section. she's deaf as well, so i hope she doesn't think i'm taking the piss.

After that I came home, and was productive, tidying up and making tonight's tea (we're off to pete's) and finally washing clothes (so i have something to wear etc)

It's been a good day. I didn't even use my AK