February 21st, 2009

photo catch-up post

i'm unlocking this so it'll get imported to facebook and keep people up to date over there.

Mighty Boosh Props

I can finally post this painting I had commissioned by Paul, Claudia's husband, for Valentine's day. I'd just done the Alice in Wonderland props (which is still selling on eBay, with no bids btw) and loved painting the top hat so much I did all their hats in a props cupboard.

Wednesday was a great post day, but I only just got the photos on Flickr

First up was this pencil roll which uber_w3nch made in exchange for 2 sketches of her cat. It's ideal for holding everything I need, and is a lot less unwieldly than my plastic pod I had before

pencil roll open

pencil roll and sketch book

Finally, I need to tell you about a great trade I did with britishcowgirl. She seems to think she got the correct end of the trade, but to be honest I love sweets, and can never be arsed to make them, so painting a small picture was a doddle comparitively, which is why crafty trades are the best.


I'm posting about the craft fair on my other blog, as it seems more in keeping with the theme of that one. And it's probably boring to anyone uninterested in craft fairs and my paintings.