May 16th, 2008

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6.40pm - we have a cat called Tommy that keeps trying to come in. I know he's more or less stray and want to adopt him. he won't let me touch him. yet.

7pm - i have been cleaning things with baking soda today. it is highly effective at cleaning things. it's like magic. my bin has never looked cleaner. is it a bit sad that i find joy in clean things?

7.10pm opnlinefriends are awesome, friends url also awesome. i wish online friends coud be irl. my dream road would have my whole f-list on it. can you all move to gildersome please? only one of my f-list is on my road. that's still qwuitwe s high %. does anyone else have an online friend on their street?

7.13pm - tommy just poked his head round the door!

7.45pm - i'm sick of green hair, i'm dying it platinum blonde. ian has also forgiven me for buying amy's psp as there is a katamari and a ratchet and clank game available. he can now understand why i want one of those and got rid of the ds. fickleness is the reason i think.

8.05pm - i will NOT be buying Devil May Cry 4 for the PS3. it's shit.

8.20pm - i don't know how but our oven cooks home fries better. they're much tastier.

8.25pm - to sarah and sheri - sorry for being a nut-twist earlier, i promise to try harder next week.

8.45pm - i do NOT want to buy Def Jam Icon.

8.50pm - you know how i said i dyed my hair green cause i'd never had it green before. i have had it green, i'd completely forgotten. it was green with a pink fringe. easy to forget that sort of haircut though isn't it?

9.10pm - i don't understand 90% of adverts on telly these days. what point are some of them trying to make? especially the balloon/car one. but most recently the subway one with the olives. i understood the old one, he was running away from red onions. but this one? she wants olives, so why freak out cause they follow you in a goindola?

9.12pm - does anyone else hate shia lebouef as much as me? he's so fucking bleurgh. it's putting me off watching the new indiana jones film knowing he's in it.

9.57pm - 'it looks like someone shat in an ashtray. it's relatively amusing'